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Nursing Health, Medicine, Nursing Article Coursework (Article Sample)


Outline the process for the development of nursing standards of practice for your state, including discussion of the entities involved in developing the standards of practice and how the standards of practice influence the nursing process for your areas of specialty


How the standards of practice influence the nursing process.
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According to New Jersey’s board of nursing, specialization involves focusing on nursing practice in an identified specific area within the entire field of professional nursing. With additional abilities, a distinct specialty choice of practice account and standards of expertise practice are unique to each nursing specialty (AACN, 2014). According to the ANA foundational document, nurses are in charge of the direct care delivery and consequential outcomes. Grounded in the profession of nursing, areas of focused nursing practice have emerged as nursing specialties. The purpose of this essay is to outline the development of nursing standards of practice in New Jersey. This will also involve discussing the units involved in developing the standards of practice and how they impact the process of nursing.
At national and international level, registered nurses engaged in legitimate, regulatory, executive, education, and research activities. They also valued the scope and standards documents. These documents assist in order to guarantee sustained understanding and credit of the varied professional influences of nurses (Finnell. D, 2015). The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice is focused on registered nurses. The practice is irrespective of role, population, or field, which are probable to perform proficiently (Board of Registered Nursing, 2013). 

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