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The Issue of Environmental Pollution and the Proposed Solutions (Article Sample)


The issue of Environmental Pollution and the solution to it.
Writing a research report is a skill needed in both your academic and professional life. Choose a topic given below and write a well-researched essay backed by in-text citation and references. In this research assignment, you are asked to provide correct information that is logically organized and supported by factual information you gather from a variety of sources. You will be assessed on how well you follow the assignment guidelines, provide correct and logical information, use research to support your claims, and present creative ideas.
Topics: (Choose one)
1. Problem of fake news and its solution
2. Problem of environmental pollution and its solution
3. Problem of ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder) and its solution
4. Problem of technology addiction and its solution
5. Problem of COVID-19 and its solution


The issue of Environmental Pollution and the solution to it.
Environmental pollution is characterized as the introduction of pollutants into the physical and biological components of the earth/atmosphere system to the degree that normal environmental processes are altered and harmed. While natural events such as forest fires and active volcanoes may cause environmental contamination, the term "pollution" usually means that the pollutants have an anthropogenic source -that is, a source created by human activities. Ancient human settlements are often identified by their wastes, such as shell mounds and rubble heaps. Pollution was not a significant issue as long as each person or community had ample space. However, when large numbers of people established permanent settlements, pollution became a concern, and it has remained so ever since.
Environmental pollution has prevailed for decades, but it became significant after the industrial revolution in the nineteenth century. The elements involved are not naturally occurring, and the destruction process can take anything from a few days to thousands of years (for instance, the case for plastic pollutants). In other words, contamination occurs when nature is unable to decompose an element introduced to it unnaturally.
The major forms of pollution on earth, include air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination amongst others.
Some Causes of Environmental 

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