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Alex Pall's Stunning Advances in EDM Music Genre (Article Sample)


write an article recapping this interview with Alex Pall of the band The Chainsmokers:
Please include a unique, original title that contains the name "Alex Pall."
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Alex Pall’s Stunning Advances in EDM Music Genre
Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers. Some people might recognize him as the voice singing in the hit song “Closer” featuring Halsey. DJing was his hobby, and he grew up pursuing it. Living in New York, he used to do some DJ gigs as a side job while still working at an art gallery. Even though he was passionate about being a DJ, it was scary for him to have a career that was fun instead of having a ‘serious’ job.
He later got introduced to Andrew (the other member of the duo) by their now manager. He quit his job at the art gallery and chose to give his all in music. This was mere because juggling the two tasks was difficult for him. Dance music was slowly taking over his life. For him, he knew working with Andrew would be a success because they both had the same ambitions, core values as well as the passion for music. They both had the skills to bring to the table in this partnership. Andrew being an excellent music producer and him having a lot of experience as a DJ would form the best duo.
According to Alex, they did not want to treat music as a job. However, they worked hard at it because they knew it was the job that paid the bills. In his music career, Alex says that it is crucial for them to stay relevant by trying new things. He believes that working as a DJ duo makes them authentic. Writing their songs by themselves or with fellow songwri...
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