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About US Page For A Sunglasses Reseller Media Article (Article Sample)


An about us page that tells the story of a the sunglasses brand

Our story
We really love going on holiday. We’re sure you do too. What’s the thing we all love about going on holiday?
The Sun.
That lovely feeling, when the sun's warm glow hits your skin and melts your stress away. You just can’t beat it.
But we found that when we spend too much time in the sun, we get headaches. We noticed this more and more every holiday we went on, every book we read in the sun and every sport we played outside.
We asked many friends about this to see if they had the same problem. And a lot of them did.
But one friend had found the solution.
He recommended we try polarized sunglasses and we’ve never turned back.
We were skeptical at first, but when we saw how crisp our vision became, how we could see every wave in the sea, every rock on the beach, we were hooked. Now we never go anywhere sunny without our polarized sunglasses.
But still, we realized al...
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