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Fun Web Products Spyware 2 (Article Sample)


I was supposed to write a short article about,W32 blaster worm patch.Its about a certain type of virus that distructs proper functioning of computers.

W32 blaster worm patch
Fun web products spyware 2 is a kind of program designed to destruct the functioning of a computer. The spyware hi-jacks your browser without any indication whatsoever. The program can be able to track your activities while you are browsing on the internet. It is capable of tracking all your events. The most commonly known spyware is the w32 blaster worm. It normally affects computers that use operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 2000 (32) bit. Some other operating systems are capable of detecting the worm and shut it before it affects the computer. W32 blaster worm patch has been designed to tackle the worms.
A worm is a type of a computer virus that attacks your computer without any indication. It contaminates your computer when you are browsing the internet. W32 blaster worm patch disrupts your computer by making some changes on it. For example it may change your default browser to my webs search. This is a particular website used as search engine. One of the signs of infection of these worms is that you may receive error messages on your screen repeatedly. Your computer may restart several times. Several dialog boxes may appear on your screen asking you to report some problems to Microsoft. You might also find some extension files in your system 32 folder which are unknown.
W32 blaster worm has become a great threat. Fun web products spyware 2, unleashes several popup windows when you are using the internet in your computer. There are several ways of preventing your computer from the worms. W32 blaster worm patch can be used to make your computer immune from those dangerous worms. On the control panel you may go to dial-up settings then advanced settings and select protect my computer by preventing access to this computer from the internet. This will help prevent some of the worms.
One of the best Microsoft patch is W32 blaster worm patch. It should be installed in the computer. This software will help to detect worms that have infected your computer. This is the best removal tool that should be recommended. The pack containing the patch comes with instructions which should be followed. We should all embrace this technique in eradication of computer worms. All our computer operations will be safe when we use the W32 blaster worm patch. You will have a reason to browse the internet without fear.
Name: Oyuko Florence Atieno
Nationality: Kenyan
Sex: Female
Date of birth: 28/07/1987
Postal address:1152-40100, Kisumu
Marital status:Single
Religion: Christian
Languages:English and Kiswahili
2012: University of Nairobi
Course: Bachelor of Education (arts) (Mathematics and Business Education option)
2009-2010: KASNEB completed C.P.A part 1
Certificate in HIV/AIDS management and counseling
Certificate in Computer Applications
2003-2007: Kisumu Girls h...
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