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Write An Article On What Is Virtualization Network (Article Sample)



What is virtualization network?
Cloud computing is hard to understand without first going into what is virtualization network. To start off, virtualization is basically the development of a virtual version of a thing. This version can be composed of operating systems, networks, servers, computer hardware platforms and storage devices among others. It allows more than one virtual machine to run on one piece of hardware and it is widely applied to boost productivity and efficiency.
It is important to first understand virtualization in order to delve into what is virtualization network. Virtualization network comes about as a result of the combination of various software and hardware resources as well as network functionality into one administrative entity. This entity is essentially software based. The process usually involves a mix of both resource virtualization and platform virtualization though not always.
This essentially means that a soft-ware based view of routers and switches among other software and hardware networking resources comes about with virtualization network. The virtualization network offers intelligent abstractions when the physical gadget forwards packets. This makes it much easier to set out and control network services as well as resources by centralizing basic and complex operations.
An important part of truly getting what is virtualization network is in understanding these two major categories of network virtualization; external virtualization and internal virtualization. The former entails the combination of many whole networks or their parts into a single complete virtual unit. The latter in contrast involves the provision of a functionality that mimics network functionality to software containers on one network server. Thus a virtualization network can occur as a result of either of these categories.
A virtualization network will basically be made up of various links of virtual networks. These virtual network links have no physical component; either wireless or wired between computing gadgets. It helps in the consolidation of a wide range of services and devices. This is possible because it happens on one hardware platform. This platform is called the virtual services switch.
Basically, a virtualization network leads to a more centralized control. This minimizes both the complexity as well as the costs of maintenance and operation of software and hardware. If one had to administer many separate gadgets in different locations, it would waste resources and time. Instead, administration and maintenance are done in a single location. To start with, all one needs is to install a good virtualization networking software on the servers or remote computers. There are many vendors selling it and most computer software has virtualization networking capability.
A virtualization network is not infallible and usually has its own weaknesses. Some of the problems that may occur in computing such as defective chips and broken wires will not be resolvable without direct physical contact with the affected hardware. Overall though, the effect of a virtualization network is increased data transfer rates, scalability, security, flexibility and reliability. This is all possible due to the automation of tasks; both network and administration into a single po...
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