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Book Report; Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer (Book Report Sample)

Write a four page book report on the book, THEODORE the Kid lawyer. Must be in apa format and meet the page requirements source..
Book Report: Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer Name Institution Introduction: Author John Grisham is a lawyer, political and an author. He became famous after his first legal thriller Theodore Boone: Kid lawyer. His publications include Time to Kill (1984), The Firm (1991), and the legal thriller series. Most of his books have been formed into movies like skipping Christmas, the Runaway Jury, A time to kill and the painted house. His books have been translated into 42 languages. Main Characters Theo has been carefully created to represent rational, reasonable but smart persons who only wish for good. Law is a complex aspect of human life and Theo obsession with the law seems farfetched but the author saliently indulges the boy into the center of the complex court case involving murder. Theo is the only one capable of spilling out the truth. Despite knowing every judge, every law enforcement officers, and the court, Theo’s world is becoming smaller the legal battle is narrowing down to him and Pete Duffy, a cold-blooded murderer. Theo despite being in danger is made up to see Pete brought to justice. For a moment, Theo became a courtroom champion. Pete Duffy is a significant character having a complicated relationship with Theo. Pete is an adversary accused of murder. His murder case has Theo as a witness, and the climax of their face-off will be at the courtroom. Narration/perspective The book take takes the third person narrative that is all knowing. The narrator knows what the characters do and think. Summary of developments Theo, who is only thirteen, has been dragged into the middle of a dangerous murder case that involves a dangerous fugitive Pete. Theo’s dream is to be a lawyer. Both his parents and lawyers and so he knows every judge, police officer and court clerk in town. He is also conversant with the law to the extent that is quite difficult for a thirteen-year-old. Theo’s services have been handy to his friends and classmate. One was at the center of custody crisis, another’s parents at the verge of losing a house about the mortgage payment and another accessed the crime scene that saw Pete Madder his wife in cold blood. Theo is the sole witness to the complete story that will ensure conviction of Pete. It would be dangerous if Pete knew that the faceless witness who could send him behind the bars forever was connected to their stake is high, and fear is creeping in fast. Theo’s best friend April disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night, and Theo knew he was in for a creepy deal should he stand against Pete in the legal podium. However, there are no leads to the disappearance of April but it makes everyone nervous. Theo defines the capabilities of a thirteen-year-old by investigating the disappearance of April and saving her. All the legal events take place in the small city Strattenburg, the residence of Theo and his parents. Thematic Concerns Profanity Pete is accused of a cold-blooded murder of his wife. Legality maters The entire book is a brewing legal battle between a fugitive a young boy who has mastered the art of the law and learned the shortcomings of the system. The boy is couscous about sharing what he knows with most people including the police. On the disappearance of April, Theo, did his homework without involving the police. Theodore endeavors to explain custody laws to her friend Family and Divorce The family has taken a prominent side in this book. Boone’s family has not been the main subject. The author, however, prefers to use Theo’s friend’s family to portray family crisis. April is in the center of the custody battle between her parents but not keen on taking eight her side. Theodor was accused of murdering hi wife. General theme The courts are not always right and it takes the right mind of a layer to make things right. Nothing stops a made up mind and determination is the reason for success in the court of law. Passages of interest ’’Theo's mother, herself a busy lawyer, had been trying to lose...
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