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Rough Draft: Public Health Statistics (Book Report Sample)


for this assignment, i was required to put a discussion on how nutrition affects the health of a person at any given time.


Rough Draft: Public Health Statistics
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Rough Draft: Public Health Statistics
Modern eating habits are disastrous to the influences of health lifestyles amongst different individuals. It should be noted that poor eating habits contribute a lot to the emergence of illnesses that is reflected greatly to the various human body organs. In health science, the fundamental research is based on the correlation that is attributed to the type of diets consumed by an individual and the present state of their respective health (Cranston, Fisher, Idris, & Wilding, 2012). Notwithstanding, the capacity to adhere to proper nutrition and balanced diets amongst modern human beings is affected significantly by their active-lifestyles as well as the resulting stressful conditions. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine whether it is true that balanced diets that are free from preservatives and filled with both vitamins and other micro-nutrients might be able to help human bodies to sustain intense levels of loads in order to assist them to remain young and beautiful at all times.
Modern lifestyles amongst human beings is affected greatly by such factors as the kind of work they engage in, their respective levels of education and the impending house issues. This means that different people lead different lifestyles and this has a way of affecting their immediate capacities to adhere to balanced diets (Cosgrove, Franco, Granger, Murray & Mayes, 2007). For instance, it is ascertained that most people are overloaded with their respective workloads that in turn affect their bodies negatively. Stressful working conditions have a way of affecting the beauty of any given person. Subsequently, people who engage in intense levels of work require much more energy as opposed to those who work in unmovable offices. This means that in the case that they fail to partake foods with efficient balanced diets they might be able to fulfill their respective tasks.
It is important to realize that balanced diets include foods with lots of vitamins and micro-elements necessary for helping people remain active in the course of conducting their tasks. Notably, it is argued that people spend intense levels of energy whenever they engage on undertaking any given task and thus, a better metabolism activity might trigger restoration of energy especially when it is accompanied by a fairly set balanced diet.
In the case that an individual is engaged in less strenuous work, it can be noted that they tend to preserve much energy that helps them remain young and beautiful for a longer period. For instance, unlike people undertaking tasks constantly, people who take time to get enough sleep tend to restore energy that is used to revive organs within the human body. However, for this to occur, people should be encouraged to eat the right types of food. Snacks and other fast foods are not good for enhancing one's image in respect to beauty and looking-young. It should be comprehended that snacks do not have necessary micro-elements and vitamins deemed necessary for building and protecting human organs against diseases. Instead, consumption of organic foods is encouraged given that it contains necessary nutrients that make such organs as the skin supple and healthy.
Retrospectively, to a larger extent human beauty and the good-looking aspects amongst human beings is highly dependent on both vitamins and other micro-elements that are consumed in foods. Distinctively, vitamins have different effects on the human body and this largely depends on the manner for which they are prepared. Food cooked in such methods as stewing and boiling contain many vitamins in comparison to the foods that are deep-fried. Frying of food kills vitamins and thus, deprives the body of the ability to retrieve any necessary component in these foods. In fact, it is fair that people engage in eating raw foods especially fruits without peeling-off their skin in order to gain maximum vitamins.
Another important factor that should be noted while trying to remain healthy and beautiful is choosing the right form of environmental upon where to conduct tasks and live. It is established that different environmental conditions possess the tendencies to affect human body organs in regards to their positive growth and development. In the event that the environment is not easy to alter, people should thus engage in consuming more vitamins and balanced diets since it might assist in preventing significant deprivation. Different levels of air and water pollution might affect the way of body organ development. Consumption of polluted water has the effect of poisoning the body first hand as it gets into contact with the various body organs as kidney and bladder.
On the other hand, subjection to air pollution might affect an individual's capacity to breathe properly hence providing an opportunity for untreatable illnesses. Amongst the organs that are prone to be affected by these pollutions is the skin, which is likely to suffer intense injuries due to scorching heat. However, the positive news is that consumption of more foods rich in vitamins and other micro-elements is deemed necessary for repair (Martin, Youdim, Szprengiel, Shukitt-Hale, & Joseph, 2002).
The skin, the largest organ of the human body, when taken care of properly is likely to prevent fast ageing and thus, glow in respect to the types of food consumed. For instance, Yuregir (2009) stresses the importance of vitamins C and E and Omega 3-fatty acids in protecting the organ. It is noted that both vitamins C and E are anti-oxidants that exist naturally within the skin. They form part of the skin's defense mechanism against possible damaging oxygen reactive components. Numerous researches have proved that intense presence of these vitamins within the skin helps in curtailing the effects of UV-induced redness (Yuregir, 2009). In a lesser extent the two vitamins have the capacity to prevent the skin from possible photo damage. In respect to omega-3 fatty acids, it has been established that they contribute immensely into positive heart and skin healthy conditions. These nutrients can be sourced directly from oily fish and other fish oils. In consequence, these fatty acids are likely to protect the skin from possible sun-induced skin damages. Retrospectively, higher consumption of these acids has the effect of eliminating sun-burn responses amongst human beings (Yuregir, 2009).
As stated earlier within the discussion, the adoption of balanced diets especially in respect to foods that contain higher levels of vitamins C and E helps prevent such illnesses as neurodegenerative diseases. Martin et al. (2002) notes that consumption of the aforementioned nutrients helps the body tackle the prospect of being attacked by diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson Diseases. Subsequently, these diseases are associated with both aging and age-associated conditions. For instance, AD is considered to be the most unpopular cause of dementia amongst elders. It affects both the cellular and molecular composition hence accelerating aging amongst the elderly people.
Notwithstanding, the scavenging ability of the Parkinson Disease in eliminating the capacity of brain radicals amongst patients is highly contained by higher levels of vitamin C within a patient's body. This is attributed to the fact that both vitamin C and E are anti-oxidants hence can be used for therapeutic needs amongst patien...
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