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Medical issues report Health, Medicine, Nursing Book Report (Book Report Sample)


The paper required me to summarize a medical book " when the breath becomes air" by Paul kalanithi and identify two medical or health issues and discuss the issues with reference to other secondary sources. I identified glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer as the main issues in my report.


When Breath Becomes Air: Book Report
Student’s Name
When Breath Becomes Air: Book Report
 Paul chose to study English Literature and Human Biology (BA and MA) at Stanford University. He wanted to understand the meaning of life and was intrigued at how instrumental the brain was in bringing out the purpose of an organism’s life. Driven by an urge to act upon the reflections inspired by his studies in human biology literature, he decided to forego a career in Arts and go for medicine. Paul does not just mention medical conditions. He shares lessons that show the essential things in life. This book report will discuss Glioblastoma and Pancreatic can

When Breath Becomes Air is an Autobiography by Paul Kalanithi.The book, published by Random House (USA) in 2016, is a recount of Paul Kalanithi’s life as a child and his journey towards becoming a Neurosurgeon. Introduced to reading books at an early age by his mother,cer, as recounted by the author of When Breath Becomes Air.

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