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Quantitative or Qualitative Article Appraisal (Book Report Sample)


this paper consisted of a provided template by the student who needed an appraisal done of the selected source. the paper follows the citation style of APA throughout and there are subheadings in the paper. I started with a synopsis and understanding of the aim of the researcher in doing the work. i followed with data collection techniques in order to evaluate the credibility of the study, letter oni judged whether that article published was relevant to the nursing profession and it was.


Quantitative or Qualitative Article Appraisal
Findings of a Qualitative Study
Salar, A., Kiani, F., & Rezaee, N. (2020). Preventing the medication errors in hospitals: A qualitative study. International Journal of Africa Nursing Sciences, 13, 100235.
What experience, situation, or subculture does the researcher seek to understand?
The researcher is trying to understand an experience in a hospital setting where the patient's safety is concerned and their health. The researcher aims to highlight the main factors contributing to the general meical errors that happen to patients in a hospital setting, especially when such roles constitute a larger proportion of nurses' responsibility.
Does the researcher want to produce a description of an experience, a social process, or an event, or is the goal to generate a theory?
The researcher is not in developing any theory but aims to identify and recommend various ways in which patients experience the medical errors and how to stop from the experiences happening again. The researcher is inclined to produce a description of their experience in hospitals.
How was data collected?
The researcher used face-to-face approach to interviews in the collection of data. The researcher interviewed with written consent from the participants, where he ensured that they were interviewing in a closed room without monitoring from a third party. The conducted interviews were 30-60 minutes in length and were all recorded digitally. The data collection methods also included firld notes.
How did the researcher control his or her biases and preconceptions?
The researcher's biases were controlled in various ways. The first way was for the researcher to involve the science community to approve the study and the approach of using interviewees' consent when doing the interview. Additionally, the researcher followed the ethical research guide in conducting their research.

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