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The Modernist Masterpiece The Great Gatsby (Book Review Sample)


THIS IS A BOOK REVIEW.F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the modernist masterpiece The Great Gatsby. The narrative takes place in World War I, a time of strong economic growth. The book is concerned with the unpleasant aspects of the culture of the day. Marxism explores neighborhood growth and aspires to resemble the working class.


The Modernist Masterpiece The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby
Book Review: The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby is a modernist novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The novel has a plot about Nick Caraway, the story's narrator. The story is set during World War I when the economy thrived. The book focuses on the negative features of the era's culture. The book does an excellent job of explaining Marxism theory. Marxism examines community development and strives to mimic the working class. Some characters, such as Daisy and Tom, are rich, while other visitors at the elegant events are viewed as shallow and unattractive (Fitzgerald,2007).
Myrtle Wilson and George are regarded to symbolise the lower class and attempt to elevate others in the only way they see fit. The habits of these people are so nasty that the book readily portrays the social realities that govern their existence. Nick believes he should disapprove for the same reason he disapproves of Buchanans because he thinks they are Marxists. In the instance of the American Dream, the book builds an artificial universe in which everyone's goal is concentrated on money.

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