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Arguing with Zombies by Paul Krugman (Book Review Sample)


Book Review: “Arguing with Zombies” by Paul Krugman. Relation of the Book with Theoretical Discussions in Class to the Real Life of American People. The Book’s Effect on Understanding Theories and Key Concepts in International Political Economy and the Future of Global Political Economy.


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Book Review: “Arguing with Zombies” by Paul Krugman
The book “Arguing with Zombies” by Paul Krugman is about modern United States basic economics animated through public policy context. Krugman’s purpose is to address the misunderstandings of zombie economics through the lens of American developments in the last decades. The author tackles health issues, social security, tax reforms, and housing bubbles arranged thematically. As a political and economic discourse of the United States in the last 20 years, the book features news of the greatest economic policy issues that have continued to affect the livelihood of the working class. Krugman discusses the historical contexts and discussions regarding the intersection between politics and economics, including the government decisions in people’s welfare. Devoid his political bias, the author breaks down the conservative arguments using simplified economic insights while pointing out the dishonesty of the “movement conservatism.” The texts reference public policy facts and economics during the Obama and Trump administrations for people interested in macroeconomics. In the last decades, the economics and politics of the United States have been controlled by the billionaires and influential politicians who have perverted the country’s democracy by implementing discriminatory policies benefiting their course. Similarly, the media organizations serving the billionaires’ interests have maintained the zombie idea by adopting the GOP and movement conservatism.
Relation of the Book with Theoretical Discussions in Class to the 

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