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Hunt company. Business & Marketing Case Study Assignment. (Case Study Sample)


You will prepare a distribution improvement strategy for the Hunt Company. Recently, the company began outsourcing its manufacturing to overseas companies. Due to this recent change, they have suffered various issues and problems with their distribution processes.
In a 3-4 page written paper, address the following items in your distribution improvement strategy:
1. The major facts of the case study.
2. The main problems or issues facing the Hunt Company.
3. The possible solutions to these problems or issues (1-3 solutions).
4. Rationale for these solutions using concepts, terms, processes, procedures, and/or real-world examples discussed in the course materials.
5. The main steps to implement the new strategy or plan


Hunt Company
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Major Facts of the Case Study
The process by which one file a retail shop shelf is often long and entails more than what most individuals know about production. The supply chain entails a good number of cooperative functions, which are commonly assumed by members of the supply chain. Facts indicate that procurement management and consumption dealing with the procuring of raw materials for the production of finished goods. Apart from that, the determination of plant capacity, the setting of credit terms as well as production schedules are also encompassed in a supply chain. During the recent past, most firms have made claims that some of the statistics and platforms that are applied in coming up with the core decisions in their shipping and supply chain functions are breeding intrinsic glitches for the well-being of the company. As a matter of fact, some firms, in view of saving their supplying capabilities, have gone ahead to make changes in those platforms.

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