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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Plan Medicine Case Study (Case Study Sample)


the task was about analysing a strategy to implement a nursing problem.


Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Plan
Root-Cause Analysis
The root-cause analysis (RCA) provides an outline “of patient fall” as a patient safety issue within a healthcare organization. Prior to the information in the first assessment, it clearly highlighted on “patient fall” in the context of the hospital and recovering patients at home. Thus, to get an understanding of that, the following paragraphs analyze the root cause of fall specifying on the setting and individual involved. Moreover, it describes the evidence-based practices that could improve the situation and existing resources would be used in the subject.
Analysis of the Root Cause
It was on the fifth day for the patient hospitalization, everything was well and the individual was significantly improving as the days moved. Besides, the patient responds positively to the medication and there was an anticipation of positive outcomes; however, something unexpected happened. On that day at 1900hrs the nurse come, did the usual activities, and left the patient at the bed. The problem with the patient is that she had toileting issues and forced to leave the best with any practitioner's consent or assistance (Rose, et al, 2019). In fact, she did that and it was not a new thing to take such as risk. The individual was confident that she could do some things without being helped. She was focused and certain to leave the hospital within a few days to come. However, immediately after the nurse left, she felt to go to the washroom.

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