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Health, Medicine, Nursing
Case Study
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Scenarios in Medical Office Management Health, Medicine Case Study (Case Study Sample)


The paper describes how a health administrator can respond to given medical scenarios


Scenarios in Medical Office Management
Institution Affiliation
Medical Office Management Scenarios
Part A
The first obvious situation is that many patients had booked appointments with Dr Henderson making him quite busy. The Sales Representative seems to have come with the drugs we would be running out of but at the quite wrong time. As such, would consider the sales representative’s case an emergency to salvage the stock that is almost running out. I will schedule her emergency appointment with the doctor for the doctor to meet her and receive the delivered drugs. I would, however, explain to the sales representative that she should not take precedence over the previously scheduled appointments; hence she would have to book an appointment with the doctor in the future. The appointment will not only make her wait time shorter but also convenient for both the doctor and her. The anxiety of Dr Henderson with regards to medical samples would count as one of the reasons why her schedule will be fixed. However, the stock running low, and the patients who are waiting to be seen would make the samples to be received for free today. The delivery of the samples lie squarely on the doctor’s preferences, in that, the medical assistance would receive the samples without eating into the doctor’s time ((Nguyen, McGregor, O'Connor, Shrewsbury, Lee, Steinbeck, & Baur, 2012)). Therefore, the medical assistants can only receive the delivery from the sales representative under Dr Henderson’s instructions.

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