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The story of Jerry Carswell (Case Study Sample)


Case study and answering questions based on the case.


The Story of Jerry Carswell
The Story of Jerry Carswell
After the death of Jerry, the hospital attracted suspicion and antagonism between the facility and Jerry’s family. However, the hospital could take some measures to avoid the suspicion and the growing antagonism. Above all, I think the facility had the incentive to promote transparency in its clinical information (Kordas, Tarbes & LLP, 2009). It is evident the health facility does not provide the needed information to Linda Carswell. Interestingly, there are two explanations that caused the death of Jerry. Initial statements indicate that he “died peacefully in his sleep” as the nurse told Linda. The statement contradicted the evidence from the autopsy report from the urologist. For sure, this is a controversy and does not give the real cause of his death. For this reason, the hospital should take measures that enhance openness and that does not raise questions regarding their services. Evidently, Jerry’s family was not informed of the hospital’s decision to retain his heart in the facility’s laboratory. The incident did not go well with the family which I think they would have been informed of the need to preserve it.
Additionally, I think the facility should disclose the training levels and qualifications of its nurses and dismiss those that do not abide by their training skills (Improving continence care for patients, 2006). It came out to be known later that Jerry was injected with the Toradol against the hospital’s policies. Licensed Voluntary Nurses are not required to administer such sensitive drugs as they do not possess the needed training on the purpose of the drug. Apart from that, hospitals should always uphold integrity and acknowledge the demands of their clients (Kordas, Tarbes & LLP, 2009). Linda’s demands to perform an independent autopsy were blocked. On their part, the autopsy wa

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