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Server Virtualization and Cloud Computing in an Organization (Case Study Sample)


You have read about server virtualization and cloud computing in chapter 6 of your textbook, complete a case study of the organization you work for.


Case Study: Server Virtualization
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Server virtualization is a technique used in virtualization that entails a physical server partitioned into a series of small-sized virtual servers by using virtualization software. The small-sized virtual servers are all purposed with a specific function, with each running several operating systems all at once. Resource utilization increase is the primary purpose for server virtualization partitioning into a series of smaller virtual servers (Radhwan, 2013). This is achieved by accessing an increased capacity through multiple virtual servers. This concept is applied in various sectors in IT to achieve cost minimization through an increase in the utilization of the available resources.
My organization is prepared to incorporate virtualization in its operations, as it increases the efficiency of proper physical computer hardware, thus allowing for great rewards. This organization can be described as a prominent IT enterprise with an IT department solely concerned with innovations in the enterprise, such as virtualization. As it is a priority for the company to achieve improved performance and increase resource utilization and cost minimization, the company is striving to incorporate virtualization in its operations. Therefore, the company has made efforts to employ great-skilled personnel who can support server virtualization. This is also inclusive of the organization training the existing employees to capacitate them with the necessary 

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