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One-year, Three-year, and Five-Year Professional Development Plan (Case Study Sample)


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For this week, consider the following scenario:
Serina is a high- performing employee who continues to show great promise for the future. Her supervisor is excited about her knowledge, skills, and abilities, although the supervisor recognizes that Serina will need additional training and development, as well as experience, to become an effective departmental director.
Serina has noted that she would like to be employed by the organization for the long-term and hopes to one day become a leader. Currently, Serina holds an associate degree in business management and has two years of management experience. To become a director or executive within the organization, qualified individuals must possess a master’s degree in business or a similar discipline, must have five years of management experience, and must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, employees who hope to become directors/executives must be mentored for a minimum of two years by a company executive.
Based upon the information provided above, create a one-year, three-year, and five-year plan for Serina by highlighting milestones that she will need to accomplish to move from the role of manager to director. Explain why you included the information provided and challenges Serina might encounter, as well as how she can overcome these challenges.


One-year, three-year, and five-Year Professional Development Plan
Student’s Name:
Serina is a manager within the company. Her goal is to become a director. However, based on the requirements for qualification for the director’s post, she should improve her communication, and interpersonal skills, get mentored by a company executive, acquire a master's degree, and have five years of experience. The following is a plan of how Serina will fulfill the required credentials within five years.
Acquire proper communication skills (1-year plan).
Good communication skills are a requirement for the position of departmental director. Some of the skills that Serina can acquire in this field include active listening skills, non-verbal communication skills, public speaking skills, and emotional management. The ability to communicate effectively is a critical element of senior leadership (Doyle, 2017). One of the challenges that Serina might experience in acquiring communication skills is limited time. She can overcome this challenge through proper time management.
Improve interpersonal skills (1-year plan)
Interpersonal skills are a requirement for the position of director in the company. To improve 

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