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Strategic Integration: The Eastern Case Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


The task was about Reading the case study provided in Chapter 10 of Integrated Project Management. THEN Write a three- to five-page paper that analyzes the integration of strategy and programs in the business planning process.


Strategic Integration: The Eastern Case
Student’s Name
Strategic Integration: The Eastern Case
The inadequacy in the integration of program development and business strategy is one aspect that typically results in a negative impact on the growth of a business (Barkley, 2006). Thus this results in individuals to indulge in business planning with the main reasons for developing the business strategy. This research paper will, therefore, be based on analyzing the Eastern Company. The company majors on the manufacturing and distribution of aluminum products. Thus the paper will discuss the company in general and how the organization has majored on the handling of the integration strategy as well as the programs covered in the business planning process.
Case Study
In spite of the popularity of the Eastern Company, the company is still exposed to challenges and competition from the aluminum market across the world and other foreign manufacturers who major on the dumping of these products to western markets at lower costs (Barkley, 2006). Thus this implies the rise in the risks in the businesses which result from the forces which tend to be out of control of the internal company as well as the project management. The rise in the risks is what has resulted in the company to major on preparing a risk-based strategic plan. Eastern company is exposed to about eight integration risks, which have resulted in the coming up with strategic goals to aid in addressing them (Barkley, 2006).

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