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Organizational Cultures & Workforce Motivation:Marriott International Hotel (Case Study Sample)


Discuss marriot International's CULTURE,
Discuss how its culture makes sure that the employees' purposes are in line with the overall objective of the organization by managing its culture, power, and POLITICS
Marriot International has ensured that the employees' goals are compatible with the organization's overall objectives.
Discuss the key ways through which the company has been able to boost its performance and employees' motivation.


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Case Study: Marriot International
As time goes by, organizations in the hospitality industry have realized that an in-depth understanding of cross-cultural management accompanies productive internationalization and globalization. Marriot International is among the top 100 companies to work for as per the Fortune Magazine (Hospitality Net 2020). The company's organizational culture, politics as well as power management within its ranks have been hailed form, bringing the company to its current global status. The company’s core values have been part of its organizational culture and have boosted the way employees conduct themselves while working at Marriot International.
At Marriot International, the employees are conditions to put people first. it, therefore, means that they are expected to take care of their associates as well as the clients of the business. This value was part of the founders' philosophy and has remained as one of the factors that have kept Marriot International at the top when it comes to the most significant companies to work for. Concerning the company's power and politics, the company ensures that promotions are based on an individual's achievements and experience. Such a situation reduces the chances of conflicts within the organization. Besides, Marriot International makes has a policy that enables employees to launch their grievances whenever they have issues that would affect the company's performance. According to Baldonado (2017), the CEO of the company has also been practicing servant leadership.
Marriot International has always been lauded for having the most enthusiastic employees when it comes to employee motivation. To achieve set goals, individuals, and teams working within Marriot International can be motivated in several ways (Abid and Tara 2013). Such motivation may either be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation originates from within. It is an outcome of the individual's factors such as feelings and their educational level. For instance, when an employee is passionate about doing a given task, such an employee has intrinsic motivation. Thus, when an individual is motivated by something that is obviously not external, they are said to be having intrinsic motivation. By understanding what intrinsically motivates a particular employee or team of employees, Marriot International has always been in a better position to enable them to achieve their goals more effectively.
The other way in which Marriot International’s employees can be motivated is through extrinsic rewards. Extrinsic motivation is that which originates from factors that are outside the individual. If it is a team, the motivational factors come from outside the group. There have not been complaints that Marriot International has failed in providing extrinsic motivation for its workers. The company has many growth opportunities that have been seen as extrinsic motivating factors for employees to achieve their goals. For instance, if an employee working at Marriot International expects to be promoted to achieve specific goals, he or she is demonstrating extrinsic motivation (Marriot International 2020). Other examples of extrinsic motivation include competition, fame, money, paid leave, public recognition, as well as material achievements.
An organization can further motivate its employees by looking at other factors that fall under intrinsic or extrinsic rewards. For instance, a good salary is among the best motivators that managers can use to ensure that employees achieve their goals (Legault 2016). While money has been said not to be a motivator, it has become a real motivator in recent years, primarily because many employees are not able to make suffici

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