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Strategic Advantage Management Case Study Research (Case Study Sample)


Write your own mini case study together with a briefing note. The whole document should be 2500 - 3000. The mini case shall describe a strategic situation/problem/issue either in the past or today which needs resolution. The organization can be of any type and in any geography. By the end of the case it should be clear to the reader that a problem is faced. The accompanying briefing note will begin by critically evaluating 'the issue' in order that it may be subjected to further analysis. In other words, whilst the case may have an apparently simple problem, that is, declining sales and loss of profitability, this may conceal a range of underlying problems which need to be addressed. The briefing note will then select appropriate tools, techniques, frameworks in order to provide insight and potential solutions to the problem. The write up will conclude with a statement of the broader implications/recommendations of the case for other companies in similar situations and reflect on broader strategic lessons.
The sample looked at Tesla's business environment, evaluated the company's strategic situation and market problems, as well as proposed recommendations to eliminate such problems.
the paper was double spaced.


Tesla Motors E-Vehicles Marketing and Model Analysis
Student’s Name
Executive Summary
Tesla has continued to be an industry leader in the electric-vehicle industry. This paper looked at its business environment, evaluated its strategic situation and market problems, as well as proposed recommendations to eliminate such problems. These solutions will enable automobile industries to launch electric vehicles while making effective decisions by referring to Tesla's analysis.
Tesla Motors E-Vehicles Marketing and Model Analysis
Introduction: Tesla’s Success Journey
Tesla Motors also referred to as Tesla in an international company that designs, manufactures, and markets electric vehicles (EVs) as well as its components, such as Powertrains and battery packs. Tesla's primary purpose is to accelerate a shift from the mine-and-burn hydrocarbon industry to create a sustainable, green economy (Salman, 2019, p.25). The company was founded in 2003 by engineering colleagues based in Palo Alto, United States, under the brand Tesla Motors. The organization is currently the only automobile manufacturers dealing with environmentally-friendly sports cars (Salman, 2019, p.25). As of 2019, the company was selling Model S, Model 3, and Model X cars, and it is currently adopting reservations for Roadster (2020), Model Y, as well as semi vehicles. Elon Musk is the current Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer, Product Architect, and Chairman. The firm headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, with over 212 retail outlets and 30,000 workers globally, with the numbers forecasted to increase. Tesla became a publicly-traded company in 2010 and generated more than $226 million within its initial public offering (IPO) (Tiwari, 2017, p.1).

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