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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Case Study Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


The task involved Reading a case study ("Hewlett-Packard: Network Printer Design of University") on page 358 in Designing and Managing the Supply Chain, and answer the five questions on page 363.
the book was to be accessed from the link


Hewlett-Packard (HP) Case Study
Postponement strategy is a concept used by companies and manufactures in the management of their supply chain where before a generic produced product is delivered to the customer, they can be modified to minimize risk and maximize possible benefit (Pagh, 14). Previously, the market in Europe and North America previously required various power supplies and their associated fusers for printing machine’s main engine. Printers in Europe required 220-volts power supply and those in America required 110-volts (Simchi, 358). The printers were produced by the Japanese branch of the HP company, 2 weeks and another 4 weeks is needed for the company to manufacture and deliver the printers respectively. In such circumstances, HP would make inaccurate forecasts of the market that lead to either excess or shortage of supply in both continents.

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