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An Investigation into the Issues of New Product and Logistics.edited (Case Study Sample)


Introduction to Operations Management, logistics, etc. understanding of what operations management, logistics, etc. are about and that this is the subject of the essay.
Introduction to the company and introducing the two chosen topics. Give some background information about your chosen company, making sure that you identify if t is involved with manufacturing or the service industry. This can include when the company was founded, what its core business is, the size, position in the sector, etc. It is also very useful for the reader if you include at the end of this section the two topics that the essay will be addressing.
First choice of topic and corresponding theories/concepts. Setting out the main theories/concepts related
to the chosen section i.e. TQM tools if you have chosen quality. A critique of these, application as to how
the company uses them and a critique if applicable and where information is available compare with other
company(ies) i.e. compare with how the hospital applies TQM compared to Arnold Palmer. (About 750
Same for second choice of corresponding theories/concepts. (About 750 words)
Triple bottom line. Economic, Environmental and Social approach/considerations of the organisation.
(About 300 words)
Recommendations. Is the company/organisation doing a good job, could they do better, how are they using or not using the concepts/theories that have been discussed. Please note the Recommendations should be relating to the information you presented about the two chosen topics. The triple bottom line are not the recommendations. You may want to mention a little bit about sustainability if you so wish but the Recommendations are there to address the two topics. (About 150 words)
Conclusion. A summary of the work to neatly wrap it all up. (About 100 words)


An Investigation into the Issues of New Product and Logistics
Organizations adopt innumerable business improvement approaches to advance their business performance. Consequently, logistics, as well as supply chain management (SCM), has been perceived to be a critical aspect for the companies keen on attaining competitive advantage (Li 1). Undoubtedly, logistics and SCM have been receiving attention in literary exploration since the 1980s, yet practically, the management of effective supply chains has been deficient. Operations management includes pertinent activities like product conception, development, manufacture, and distribution (Gobetto 11; Toni 23). In contemporary marketing circumstances, manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to launch novel products or merchandise variants to their respective markets in short intervals. According to Chirumalla, the introduction of new products presents managerial implications on the prevailing production structures and their ordinary processes (108). A manufacturing company has to possess the capability of evaluating the forms of management processes and manageability obtainable in offering an assortment of value packages in addition to the new product, which is a sort of value package prism. Therefore, the production and operations divisions are more and more involved in the initial phases of novel product conception and development because they are tasked with the eventual product introduction and delivery, which touches on SCM. The product’s project management plays a considerable part in the success of new product growth.

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