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Rhetorical Analysis of Blue Collar Brilliance and Shop as SoulCraft (Case Study Sample)


the task was to identify rhetoric instances in the two stories. the sample contains information on examples of rhetoric analysis between the two stories.


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Rhetorical Analysis of Blue Collar Brilliance and Shop as SoulCraft
Mike Rose and Matthew B. Crawford seeks to address the issue of modern labor developments that are undermining the manual labor that has been in existence to the common man since time immemorial. In Blue-Collar Brilliance, Mike Rose addresses, the assumption that blue collar jobs do not require intelligence. He presents his arguments by providing examples of the worker’s activities that require thinking. On the other hand, Crawford’s in Shop Class as Soulcraft highlights the viability of trades as a career. The author addresses the concerns that arise from the automation in the manufacturing process. The essay can be perceived as a response towards the educators who are against craftsmanship as a career. The authors address an audience that is not familiar with the blue-collar work. However, Crawford’s style is more appealing to an educated audience, whereas Rose’s style can be perceived by all types of audiences. The authors provide personal examples to highlight the values that arise from manual labor.
In both the articles, the authors employ rhetorical strategies to express their points to the audience and enhance their persuasion in the arguments. To begin with, mike rose makes use of storytelling as well as pathos, ethos, and logos to present his opinion through personal experiences to convince his audience. On the other hand, Crawford makes use of storytelling imagery, and description as well as supporting evidence from other sources to add credibility and exert authority in his claims.

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