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What Does Social Media Add to the Sporting Experience that Traditional Media Do Not? (Case Study Sample)


What does social media add to the sporting experience that traditional media do not?


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What does social media add to the sporting experience that traditional media do not?
Social media has had some significant contributions to the sporting experience which actually were missing in the traditional media. The first critical aspect that modern social media has contributed to sports is through offering an opportunity for athletes to engage with their fans at any particular time. That engagement has elevated sports since it acts as a technique as a marketing tool in sports which has projected the intensity of the competition. That perception is relatable to the case study in Fight of the Century where it is evident that social media impacted the sales of the MurphyJohnson match. In that case study, the rivalry was exponentially elevated through social media where everyone is given an opportunity to analyze, predict, and escalate rivalry between Johnson and Murphy. 

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