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Alzheimer's Disease and the American Coots Meat (Case Study Sample)


Effects of eating american coots meat and how it leads to alzheimer disease


Protein build up around brain cells is a known cause of Alzheimer’s disease that occurs when excess proteins are deposited around the brain cells and interfere with the brain’s functionality. In this regard, beta-amyloid, deposited around the brain cells forms a plaque around the cells and tau deposited in the brain cells cause the cells to tangle hence a decrease in the rate at which the brain sends and receives messages and signals. For this reason, neurotransmitters in the brain are reduced and this causes a loss of connection between the nerve cells hence causing a disruption in sending information between the brain cells and other organs of the body. As a result, the brain cells die hence causing loss of memory and the cognitive ability. However there are a number of factors that increase the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. According to Macus Macgill (2020), life style factors like dietary factors, may cause Alzheimer disease (Macgill, 2020). For instance the intake of protein products from American coots like eggs and meat contribute to a huge protein build up in the brain that causes Alzheimer disease. Also, flu from these birds also known as avian influenza is another known cause of Alzheimer disease according to a research by Richard Smeyne et al (2010). Richard et al proclaimed that avian influenza damages the brains in human causing Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease. In addition, there are various symptoms of Alzheimer disease some of which may be mistaken for other diseases. Although there are many causes of Alzheimer disease, the disease can be prevented and treated.
To begin with, humans have developed unhealthy eating habits where they consume foods that are low in nutrients or foods whose nutrient composition is harmful to their bodies. For instance some people take foods that are high in cholesterol which increases the risk of high blood pressure whereas others take foods that have excess proteins. For this reason, they increase the risk of acquiring Alzheimer disease and other diseases related to unhealthy eating. Also, Arnold et al (1997) in their research found out that American coots lay eggs that are rich in proteins in huge contents (Arnold & Ankney, 1997). Consequently, excess consumption of these eggs over a long period of time cause huge protein build-up in the brain which is a major cause of Alzheimer disease. In addition, Bekris et al (2010) also revealed that excess proteins deposited in the brain causes Alzheimer disease as this excess protein form plaques in the brain cells that hinder the functionality of these cells (Bekris et al., 2010). Bekris et al (2010) concluded that the plaque interferes with the communication between brain cells and other cells in the body. As a result there is a malfunction in the brain as signals and messages fail to be transmitted to other parts of the body (Bekris et al., 2010).
Moreover, the excess proteins hinder the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain like Acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter that controls most functions of the brain. These excess proteins may also come from excessive intake of the American coots whose meat is known to contain huge contents of proteins according to Arnold et al (1997). Ultimately the products of American coots contain large amounts of protein which end up being deposited in the brain (Arnold & Ankney, 1997) .Therefore it is important to reduce the intake of American coots and their products to avoid acquiring Alzheimer’s disease.
In addition, rearing of poultry like the American coots also cause Alzheimer’s disease as the avian influenza from these birds also affect humans thereby causing the disease, a research by Richard Smeyne et al (2009) revealed (Smeyne & Tenn, 2009). According to Richard Smeyne et al (2009 the exposure of humans to this avian influenza has causes Alzheimer’s disease (Smeyne & Tenn, 2009). Type A of avian influenza is transmitted from birds like American coots to humans through direct contact or through inhalation and affects major organs of the body. In this regard, there is a widespread damage of these organs including the brain where brain and nerve cells are severely damaged. As a result, there is no more communication between the cells in the brain and other cells in the brain as the disease kills most brain cell due to its neurotropic nature (Smeyne & Tenn, 2009). The result is that the nerve and brain cells are completely destroyed and cannot function after their damage hence causing Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson

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