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Citibank in China (Case Study Sample)


This was a case study regarding Citibank in China. I was expected to read the case and answer ten questions that followed.
I was expected to back my opinions and arguments using two external sources. However, my response was expected to be relevant and directly related to the ideas accrued from the case.
MLA style was mandatory and proper in-text citations were to be fully employed.


Case Study: Citibank N.A. in China
Question 1
The two reasons why China enhanced an open banking to the foreign banks are as follows; there was the need to open in order to ensure that the huge foreign inflow of direct investments are been tapped. Considering that there was no other foreign bank apart from Citibank, the government of China opened such investment opportunity so as to attract foreign investors and who could contribute towards the economy of China. The open banking was also aimed at creating external business relationships, (Cheng).
Question 2
Citibank had a number of competitive advantages in the foreign markets. One of the competitive advantage developed from the fact that it had strategized to avoid joint ventures. With this strategy, Citibank has operated on the basis of monopoly. Another advantage is the fact 

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