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A Significant Risk Factor in Public Health (Case Study Sample)


the task was about discussing the Southwest Airlines. also it gives recommendations to the company that it needs to put in place to enhance its growth. some of the recommedations made include use both upward and downward communication, where the workers can raise ideas from the bottom to the top or the executives can raise ideas from top to the bottom. This because it would increase confidence between the organization works increasing friendliness.


Foodborne pathogens are considered as a significant risk factor in public health both in developing and in developed countries because of the extensiveness worldwide. Escherichia coli (E. coli), among other coliform bacteria significant foodborne microorganisms. Research shows that some of the leading sources of contamination for these group of pathogens include: contaminated waste water, vegetables and cereal products, meat products, and unfavorable hygiene.

Question 1: How to establish a set of controls to guard against an E. coli outbreak due to food served in the restaurant

Establishing effective control to prevent the outbreak of E. coli in hotels and restaurants entails controlling and preventing the entry of pathogens and contaminants into the food chain (Croxen et al., 2013). Additionally, the control and prevention should also include upholding a favorable storage and transfer conditions for food, exercising good hygiene, and ensuring the safety of raw materials. This can be achieved through food safety objectives basing on the proactive approaches such as preventive and protective actions like exercising safe production procedures and practices, usage of safe raw materials, and setting up critical control points with proper analysis of hazards.

The most important issues in each step of the process

Some of the most important issues to be addressed in the set of controls include: promoting public awareness on the safety and significance of upholding good general hygiene, devising alternative methods to prevent the consumption of raw products, sterilizing utensils and working surfaces, and encouraging adequate heating and cooking of meat products (Croxen et al., 2013). Other issues would include avoiding too long storage time, encouraging adequate cooling of food, adequate warm-keeping, adequate heating of food before reusing, and avoiding contamination during the last phase of preparation.

Question 2: If the government is to impose stricter standards on each major component of the system, could this result in unreasonable or unacceptable costs associated with over control?

If the government imposed stricter standards on growers, distributers, and restaurants, it would mean that these components would incur extra costs to produce and offer the same goods and services it used to provide before. For instance, enforcing stricter standards will increase the cost of producing raw materials, purchasing the raw materials, processing the goods, preserving processed products, as well as the costs of cooking and serving to maintain food safety and hygiene. Primarily, restaurants might be required to employ additional staff of experts to help pay close attention when purchasing foodstuffs particularly on packaging conditions, shipment, and keeping the cold chain in high-risk foodstuffs such as milk, chicken, meat, and fish. The additional staff will require additional equipment and subordinate staff to facilitate and ensure success in their endeavors. In effect, the restaurant will have to incur extra costs in order to comply with government’s directives.

Question 3: What is your evaluation of Taco Bell’s approach of shifting certain tasks and responsibilities from their restaurants to their vendors?

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