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Strategic Management: A Case Study of Udayan Care. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


I uploaded the Requirement and Case study. Please write the case study according to these requirements. My requirement has seven parts:
1. Defining the issue(s)
2. Analyzing the case data
3. Generating alternatives
4. Selecting decision criteria
5. Analyzing and evaluating alternatives
6. Selecting the preferred alternative
7. Developing an action/implementation plan
You need to write the seven parts separately. Please put these 7 titles into the essay and I mean separate the essay to 7 sections.Thank you.


[Student’s Name]
09 February 2018
Strategic Management: A Case Study of Udayan Care
1 Defining the issues
Social entrepreneurship is the process of recognizing the value and evaluating opportunities that result from solving social issues. A social entrepreneur creates value to the society within a business model (Hynes, p.114). In their book titled “The power of unreasonable people,” John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan argue that social entrepreneurs use their passion to create value; with financial gains coming second (12). Social entrepreneurship has emerged as an important channel for addressing many problems facing the society today. The primary concept is to create social value rather than only making profits to the owners. This approach has been widely employed in tackling challenges related to healthcare, environment, poverty alleviation and economic empowerment. Traditionally, social enterprises were primarily organized as non-profits, but for-profit institutions are emerging in this field (Akinyemi et al. 1). These organizations have realized that it is more effective to provide social value using a business model. Consequently, modern social enterprises are incorporating the mindsets of both non-profit and for-profit firms. Profits and creation of social value can be achieved together. Social enterprises have developed a hybrid model that combines strategies for solving social problems and generating profits. This model has enabled the businesses to avoid legal restrictions that control partnerships between for-profits and non-profit organizations. Today, social enterprises are widely recognized by the investment and business community. Modern social entrepreneurs have realized it is possible to achieve a social mission, financial success, and sustainability. Leadbeater (17) argues that social enterprise has found a way of providing welfare services in a more efficient way than the government.

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