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Case Study
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Strategic industry Analysis Project Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


paper outline:
"Your charge is to analyze the industry
and present to the fund committee
several possible investment opportunity
within the industry.”
Section 4: Investment recommendation. Focus on company as investment opportunities. Include analysis not just description. ( 2 pages for " OPENDOOR " company)
Section 3: Industry analysis For ' Real Estate Tech Industry". Focus on industry and strategic analysis of it. ( 1 page only summarize main points)


Strategic industry Analysis Project
Section 3: Industry Analysis for Real Estate Tech IndustryThe Real Estate Tech industry is gradually transforming in line with changing consumer behaviors and market conditions. Changes in this field will be made possible by technology through the incorporation of application agents into the business for multiple technological solutions, and will include the adoption of innovative solutions in software, their applications, and platforms, as well as using advanced construction techniques.Most real-estate businesses find themselves with a large number of data, but lack a way of analysis to identify trends in the industry or consumer behaviors (Wong). They should be capable of targeting the authentic clients by appreciating who they are and how to provide products and services to them effectively. This can be efficiently performed by properly analyzing big data already in their possession; the art of computer knowledge and improving its performance on tasks by pattern recognition of similar or identical experiences. Such technologies as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are crucial in real estate, to efficiently handle risks, control expenditure, and provide high returns by implementing algorithms to factor in investor concerns and accurately perform predictions (Mainye).

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