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Governance and Sustainability at Nike’s CSR Commitment Case Study (Case Study Sample)


For this specific assignment, read the Case "Governance and Sustainability at NIKE (A)".
Utilizing the appropriate frameworks (PESTEL, VIRO, SWOT, etc.) conduct a written case analysis related to corporate social responsibility (CSR). You will analyze NIKE’s business model and competitive advantage and provide insights into challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of the company. The goal is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate how corporate social responsibility strategies contribute to a company’s financial success.
Consider the questions below:
1. Does NIKE’s dedication to corporate social responsibility contribute to its competitive advantage? How? Explain.
2. Which ethical standards (norms, principles, and Ideals) are at the basis of NIKE’s mission and its corporate social responsibility initiatives? Explain.
3. Who are NIKE’s stakeholders? For each stakeholder, identify their stakeholder relationship and why you assigned that relationship to that stakeholder.
4. Should Nike revisit its commitment to Road to Zero? Would you lower the water targets or find the resources elsewhere? What would you recommend if you were in Jones's position? In Sprunk’s position?
5. How would you evaluate the steps senior leadership has taken to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability into the business?
Outside Sources: Not Allowed! Use only the information in the case


[Student Name]
Referencing Style: MLA / Word Count: 1256
Governance and Sustainability at Nike (A): Nike’s CSR Commitment [Case Analysis]
Established in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike Inc. has grown to be one of the World’s largest designers, manufacturers, and distributors of athletic footwear, apparel, recreational products, and sports equipment. The company controls over 60% of the market share and has become a sort of pop culture, with one of its strongest values being its involvement in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In their 2013 article titled “Governance and Sustainability at Nike (A),” Paine, Nien-he, and Lara Adamsons offer an analysis of how Nike’s approach to social and environmental concerns has evolved over the years. Starting with the student protests in the 1990s to the decision to create a board-level corporate responsibility (CR) committee in 2001, the article illuminates the ethical standards that guide Nike’s mission, its commitment to CSR, key stakeholders, and the commitment of the senior leadership to the company’s CSR initiatives.

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