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Why Are We Losing All Our Good People? (Case Study Sample)


For this assignment, you will analyze the business case Why Are We Losing All Our Good People? Imagine yourself as a consultant who is tasked with preparing a presentation for the VP of the division (me) who is about to deliver a recommendation to Sambian—one of the firm’s clients—regarding which expert’s advice they should follow. You will write a brief 300-600 word executive summary of your recommendation
Answer the following questions:
1. Provide a short overview of the situation (Less than 50 words)
2. Considering the facts of the case and the course content, what is one possible reason why people are leaving Sambian based on OB theory and principles?
3. Do you agree or disagree with the actions taken by Helen? Why?
4. Do you agree or disagree with the actions taken by Mary? Why?
5. Of the four experts, who do you believe provides the best advice? Why? To support your answer, connect his or her advice to OB concepts and theories.
6. Of the four experts, who do you believe provides the worst advice? Why? To support your answer, identify some advice that is ungrounded or inconsistent with OB theory and principles.
7. Having identified the best expert opinion, how should Sambian implement their advice?


Why Are We Losing All Our Good People?
The situation involves the scenario that Sambian executive and direct management need to determine the Company's right talent to migrate in the past few months. The management team needs to listen and be more proactive. In the case scenario, the management has found out that many good employees and talented people are leaving despite open communication, freedom, and supported the Company offers.
Based on consistent observation and management of the employees, the company employee management team has been evaluating the situation by using different ways to find the cause, solution, and motive to the problem that good employees are leaving the Company. The CEO of the Company does not understand why most talented employees are leaving the Company as the staffing department has not provided adequate information on the cause. Helen chose to observe the employees independently, and she has found out that most departments have miscommunication problems. Miscommunication within the departments has led to a lack of 

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