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The Assumption That Many People Have On African Music Being Built Around Drumming. (Coursework Sample)


This sample is about the assumption that many people have on african musicbeing built around drumming.

Mus 124 Discussion 3 DENG Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Mus 124 Discussion 3 DENG Question One Most non-Africans believe that African music cannot exist without drums and drumming. When engaging in social interactions with other individuals, it emerges that most of them associate African music with those instruments. This perception is attributed to the fact drums are an integral component of most African cultures, which has become internationally recognized. The popular West African music involves a variety of drums. For example, music from the Akan community in Ghana involves the following three pairs of drums: Eguankoba, Atumpan, and the From; these instruments create rhythm in their music (Bakan 199). Consequently, most of the people with little knowledge about the African continent, its cultural, and music diversity tend to generalize its songs to be drum based. Question Two I do not believe in the assumption by non-Africans that drums and drumming define African music. The aforementioned postulation is a generalization made by people who do not understand the continent’s diversity regard...
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