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How Businesses Communicate With Their Employees (Coursework Sample)


The task requires a critical analysis of how businesses communicate with their employees. We had to choose a news article on the topic of communication and analyze the communication that occurred according to the course syllabus. The task includes an introduction that defines the chosen article and the communication that occurred between the business and its employees. The main body of the coursework elaborates on the communication channel, message, and potential response by the employees. Lastly, there is the conclusion of the overall task.


Organizational Communication Strategy Analysis
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The company chosen for organizational communication and message delivery is Tesla Incorporation. The principal business line of the organization is to manufacture and deliver electric vehicles and energy renewables. In an article published by Inc.'s Justin, the CEO of Tesla- Elon Musk, sent an email to employees regarding the communication hierarchies. Musk instructed employees to buck the classic communication methodologies. Musk emphasized that instead of communicating with one person, who would forward the message to managers and then the manager would ask the VP to resolve the problem, employees should communicate directly to relevant authorities to resolve the issue quickly (Libby, 2017).
Analysis of message:
Elon Musk emphasized that employees should focus on resolving the problem quickly instead of following protocols and the classic communication model. The traditional model is known as a communication model where employees need to follow the protocols. Suppose an employee of the assembling department witnesses the working of a digital gearbox problem, and that problem can

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