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Marketing Plan and Organizational Chart Business Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This week, there is only a marketing class assignment:
Marketing Plan Exercise (page330)–due Module 7
For this part of your project, you will be working on your rough draft. Complete the marketing plan exercises on page330. Include an organization chart that lists out the various items you will need to execute your plan. Prepare your first draft of your marketing plan (reference outline on page 27)
You'll let e know total pages after completion


Marketing Class: Organizational Chart
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Marketing Class: Organizational Chart
An organizational chart refers to a diagram that shows the relationship or reporting hierarchy. Mullins & Walker (2014) explain that the organizational chart is used in most cases to showcase the structure of an organization, government, or business. The organizational chart has numerous uses, and its design varies significantly. For instance, it is used as a personnel director, for planning purposes, and a management tool. It enables organizations to acknowledge that they should not operate in a “control and command” style, but should instead depend on teams.
The organizational chart for my company focused on selling iPhone Apple products will be beneficial in various ways. For example, it will help in constructing a visual employee directory, improve communication lines, and enable workers to comprehend how their work fits into the overall scheme of the company (Mullins & Walker, 2014). Moreover, it will allow the organization leadership to manage change and growth effectively, show reporting relationships and work responsibilities, and present different types of information such as data hierarchies and entity structures. Moreover, it is essential to note that the organizational chart will capture the company’s organizational structure and the philosophy of management.

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