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Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control
Weeks 3, 4 and 5 Individual Assignments are integrated to generate a Strategic Management Plan. This is part three of the three part Strategic Management Plan addressing strategy implementation, evaluation and control. The purpose of the Week 5 individual assignment is to allow the student to discuss and explain how the strategies discussed in prior weeks are converted into implementation activities both domestically and internationally, in alignment with legal, social and ethical considerations. Furthermore, the student has an opportunity to explain and discuss how the strategic plan and implementation activities will be monitored.
Weeks 3, 4, and 5 Individual Assignments are integrated to generate a Strategic Management Plan. This is Part 3 of the three part Strategic Management Plan.
Assignment Steps
Write a 1,050-word report on the company you selected in Week 3, following up on the Individual Assignment of Week 3 (Environmental Scanning), and address the following:
Strategy Implementation
Discuss International Strategy.
Discuss Strategic Implementation.
Explain the influence of Governance and Ethics.
Discuss the Company Social Value.
Discuss Innovation and Diversification.
Discuss Legal limitations.
Evaluation and Control
Explain Strategic Metrics.
Discuss Key Financial Ratios.
Cite at least 3 scholarly references.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Strategy Implementation, Evaluation, and Control
Institution affiliation
Strategy implementation is the act of planning, organizing, directing, and mobilizing resources towards achieving a common goal. It is a progressive process that is guided by the short term and long term aspirations of the company. Apple Company will work strictly within an action plan which is time-bound and has been designed to suit Apple's organization structure. The implementation shall be evaluated all along the process, this will enable the steering committee to identify a point the process deviates from the main course of action plan at an early stage.
Strategy Implementation
International strategy is the planning of activities and resources towards achieving a long term goal of an entity that operates between two or more countries. The objective of international strategy could be aimed at improving the market share in a foreign country, reducing the cost of production of a product to enable low selling price, or diversifying the production to suit the preference of customers from different social backgrounds.

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