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Sample Writing Format / Outline (Coursework Sample)


Submit a sample lesson on YOUR SPECALIZED SUBJECT IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (GRADES 7-10). And kindly choose among the five (5) major subjects only: ARALING PANLIPUNAN, FILIPINO, ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS or SCIENCE.


Sample Writing Format / Outline
Subject: English Grade Level: 9th Quarter: 3rd
Module Writer: Josephine Frances Klarrisse Gella
Learning Objectives / MELC/s to be covered in this sample

At the end of the lesson, the student must:
* Make connections between texts to particular social issues, concerns, or dispositions in real life,
* Determine the relevance and the truthfulness of the ideas presented in the material viewed (EN9VC-IVa-10) and,
* Differentiate biases from prejudices. EN9LC-IVf-13.3

(5 items of objective or factual items and 1 to 2 open-ended or higher-order questions)
Motive Questions:
1. Do you know the meaning of biases and prejudice? Give the synonym of each word for your explanation.
2. Did you see biases and prejudice in our society? Can you share your observation about it?
3. Why do we need to know social issues, concerns and dispositions in our current society?
4. How can we determine if the current social issues and concerns are relevant and true?
5. How can we verified if our sources are true and current?
Lesson Proper

Topic: The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant (Reading)
Fact Checking (Writing)
* Review (of prior lessons that are necessary for this lesson)
Background of the Author
The students will get to know the Author as their friend. Students will imagine that the author is their friend and tell one trivia and introduce him to the class.
Vocabulary Words
The teacher will assign students a certain word and the students will give one synonym or one phrase and use the vocabulary word in a sentence.
Discussion and Activity 1: Elements of the Story (Group Story Telling)
The teacher will divide the class into 5 groups, each group will assign an element of the story and need to retell the story in class by which they will cite certain evidence in the context.
Enrichment Activities

* Guided Activity 1: Reading Comprehension
Students will return to their respective groups and be assigned to answer one comprehension question. Then after grouping, they will be regrouped, and they need to share their answers to their new groupmates.
* Assessment 1: Group Quiz Bee Comprehension Check
The new groups will have a short quiz bee about the reading comprehension.
* Guided Activity 2: Character Chart
In this Chart, they will draw the main characters in the story by using their own perception about each one and give 5 adjectives for the characters. The students will present their drawing and tell the class his or her interpretation of the character he or she relates to the most.
* Assessment 2: Guess Who’s Character
The teacher will describe or give dialogues of the characters and students need to identify the character.
* Independent Activity 1: Bias and Prejudice
The student will cite each two situations in the story where he or she observed Bias and Prejudice. Support the with the context in the story.
* Independent Activity 2: Current Social Issues of Bias and Prejudice
Students will read five different news articles given by the teacher about Prejudice and Bias. They need to identify and justify each article if it is either prejudice or bias.
* Assessment 3: Identify Sources of Bias and Prejudice
The five news articles will be fact check by the students, they will check if the sources are legitimate, and up to date with the present society. They will also cite sources about the article.

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