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Urban Design Pico Rivera, California (Coursework Sample)


This architecture paper focuses on pod and collector plan as well as neo-traditional principles of design. The description and analysis of these design principles are made in reference to Pico Rivera, a city located in southeastern Los Angeles County, California. I used Google Map to take mages from different locations of Pico Rivera to illustrate the application of these principles of urban design. Research establishes that pod and collector plans and neo-traditional design principles aim to develop urban centers that preserve natural ecologies, agrarian landscapes, and cultural heritage sites. I was required to format this paper using APA 6th edition.


Urban Design Pico Rivera, California
Urban Design Pico Rivera, California
Pod and collector plan as well as neo-traditional principles of design aim at developing urban centers that preserve natural ecologies, agrarian landscapes, and cultural heritage sites. The two models focus on designing human-scale neighborhoods and walkable streets that people enjoy walking. Walkable cities tend to attract tourists and visitors who come for vacations. The primary goal of both these plans is to meet the needs of family life in a unit.
The neo-traditional neighborhood designs focus on the balancing of the typical suburban transportation mode, such as transit, automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians. These modes are reworked with the purpose of reducing the design speed of automobile traffic to allow non-motorized modes and pedestrians preferred or equal rights-of-way. Most municipal and planning policy boards are embracing the new-traditional design principles to address issues pertaining to growth management, quality of lifestyle, sustainable communities, provision of affordable housing as well as the preservation of open space (Joh, Nguyen, & Boarnet, 2012).
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Google Map showing street patterns and land use distribution in the neighborhood of 4231 Durfee Avenue in Pico Rivera (Google Map, 2018).
On the other hand, the collector plan entails the development of collector streets that are used to gather traffic from local commercial or residential street systems and deliver it to the nearest major or minor thoroughfare. This system of design intends to provide both local mobility and access for different modes of transportation, such as vehicles, motorbikes, and bikes, among others. Collector streets serve as intermediate links between local streets that are characterized by unlimited access and thoroughfare roads that have limited (Albino, Berardi, & Dangelico, 2015). Streets that are designed to serve as collectors have lower traffic volumes and shorter trip lengths.
4231 Durfee Avenue Pico Rivera, CA 90660
There are various characteristics of the pod, collector, and neo-traditional plans that can be observed in my neighborhood; 4231 Durfee Avenue Pico Rivera, CA 90660. Firstly, there is the preservation of natural ecologies, as evidenced by the presence of Pico Park. The Pico Park serves as a resting point for residents and visitors coming to the city. It provides a serene environment with fresh air due to the presence of vegetation.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2: Pico Park is situated in the neighborhood of Durfee Avenue (Google Map, 2018).
North Park Academy of the Arts is also located within the neighborhood. The school admits over 500 students every year in the neighborhood, thus promoting the level of literacy.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 3: North Park Academy of the Arts that is connected to Durfee Avenue, Pico Rivera (Google Map, 2018).
The road network is designed to facilitate the smooth flow of different modes of transportations, such as automobiles, transit, bicycles, and pedestrians. Several short strip collector streets collect traffic from the local residential and commercial street system and deliver it to the nearest major roads, such as Beverly Road and Olympic Way.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 4: The satellite view of the neighbor showing major road networks, natural ecosystems, cultural heritages, agrarian landscapes, and other urban features of Pico Rivera City (Google Map, 2018).
Both sides of Durfee Avenue have walking lanes for pedestrians. Additional space has been left between the walking lanes and buildings. This space has well-maintained lawns and trees that make the street enjoyable and secure to use.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 5: Street View of Durfee Avenue showing walkability in the neighborhood (Google Map, 2018).
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