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Religious Studies. Literature & Language. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


I had to observe a religious activity from christianity and write about the same.
Sample consists of the observation on baptism.


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I have chosen a video of the Baptism ritual. Baptism is a Religious practice and ceremony and is often also called Christening, conducted on infants. The Catholic Church requires a method of entry for using water because Jesus Christ was immersed in the Jordan River. Baptism is often a form of spiritual indoctrination in a particular religious’ community, where such ritual is practiced. It is assumed to be essential to save a human after death. It's a must. Yes, baptism is one of the sacraments of the Roman Catholic religion, since Jesus Christ introduced it as the method for offering salvation to the baptized. Also, the human with the original sin is cleansed by baptism. Christ orders baptism, Lutherans say. Whereas, the Methodists claim that the redemption of their crimes is a spiritual type of gift of grace. The particulars of the baptismal ritual differ from community to party, although certain rituals apply. Families and their preferred families usually carry the infant to their priest or minister, who then pours water in the front of the infant. Any sects of faith spray mud. Any of those to be baptized was partly or entirely submerged in mud, as was seen in many early Christian creative activities. Furthermore, Evangelical Protestantism, or evangelistic Christianity, is a modern trend that holds the conviction that the meaning of Religion is the message of redemption through grace alone, and through believing in the Atonement of Jesus. By gaining redemption, the power of the Bible is a revelation of God to humanity, and transmitting the Gospel word, Evangelicals trust in the centrality of repentance or knowledge with the "born again." The trend has long been prevalent in the Anglosphere, and the 19th, 20th, and early 21st centuries were expanding wider. It was founded in 1738, and numerous religious movements, including pietism, Puritanism, presbyterianism, and the Moravian Church, lead to its formation. Primarily during the First Great Awakening, John Wesley and other early Methodists were at the forefront of this common cause. 

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