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Alderian Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Coursework Sample)


It was an assignment explaining the psychological analysis of individuals behaviourisms.


Alderian Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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Alderian Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Psychoanalytical theory is a body of ideas developed by Sigmund Freud an Austrian neurologist. With time it was further improved by others. It majored on the psychological functioning and behavior of man and this can also be put to the society in general. It has three main parts:
A method of investigating the mind and how one thinks.
A set of systemized theories on human behavior.
A method of treating psychological and emotional sickness.
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment or approach that is used by counselors to help patients comprehend the thoughts and feelings that in one way or the other influence their behavior. The disorders that it helps solve through a systematic procedure include depression, anxiety and phobias. These methods of counseling differ in several ways. Psychoanalytical counseling will explain human behavior by its interaction with the various components of its personality while cognitive through the reaction to stimulus.
Psychoanalytical theory is deterministic and defensive. It is deterministic in that there is always a specific and identifiable cause for everything that happens or affects man. It is defensive in that man by nature desires pleasure while life offers a lot of pain for him to endure. Therefore, we develop a defensive mechanism that hides all this pain and conflicts to our unconscious mind. It is these conflicts in our unconscious that is said to be the root or cause of how we eventually relate and behave. It is also motivational. There is an energy within that should be used positively for creative purposes to be said to be fruitful.
Cognitive therapy is empirical in that it is evidence driven. We need to see data from which we analyses the situation. It is contextual, functional and probabilistic. It is focused on the environment and context, it in interested in the effect and result or consequence a behavior will eventually have, and also, behavior is statistically predictable. Cognitive therapy sees one as a unit rejecting the dualism of the mind and body. It is also relational; in that it analyses interactions.
Both theories are concerned with fixing of problems. Regardless of the causes of these problems, they offer solutions to them though in different ways. In substance abuse treatment settings, the cognitive approach is manualized. The treatment techniques are brief, direct and short for particular psychological illnesses.
The strategies include identifying with the client consequences of continu...
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