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Discussion: Value Based Healthcare. Health and Medicine Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Global organizations, such as WHO and the UN, exist to assist countries and nations to align with healthcare on a worldwide platform. Considering this address the following:
Select one global organization initiative. How have community efforts by your organization contributed to this initiative?
What steps have they taken to contribute? What more could be done?
Is there a unique approach that has been taken to contribute to the effort?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format


Global Organizations
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Global organizations such as the World Health Organization make it possible for the international community and governments to renew their commitment to improving health as a central component of development. These health services comprise of those directed towards individuals such as the population oriented services, curative care, and health advancement. One global initiative is the universal health coverage (UHC), which emphasizes the importance of each person and their respective communities to benefit from quality health services without straining financially(WHO, 2019).
How have community efforts by your organization contributed to this initiative?
The health sector possesses well-jotted down experiences in community engagement and participation, although not all of them are successful. From time to time, healthcare practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers have come together to put up a meaningful set of drills that help in bringing out community participation. The fact being that researchers, being both reflexive and reflective agents in this process, being aware of the fact that their presence can change situations, were essential to this method. 

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