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Healthcare Informatics Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


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Healthcare Informatics and Research
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Question one
A research paradigm entails agreements and beliefs common between two healthcare researchers or scientists. A paradigm dictates how issues within the research should be responded to and comprehended. Both qualitative and quantitative paradigms bring forth different ways to solve problems. According to Kivunja and Kuyini (2017), a quantitative research paradigm is focused on detailed, methodical and controlled mechanisms and techniques to solve a problem. The healthcare researcher is in full control of all the variables that can hold an impact on the study. For this reason, such quantitative researches are mostly done in laboratories. Not only are they detailed and methodical, but they are also reliable, generalized and encompass validity. The main approach of quantitative research paradigms is to use numerical assessment in problem solving by quantifying the variables in place. Additionally, their belief is that a phenomenon can only be explained and expounded on using one truth. This truth can be achieved by using methodologies that are quantitative as well as empirical strategies (Hashemnezhad, 2015).
The philosophy that only the positivist paradigm can explain every phenomenon and situation in the world guides quantitative research paradigm. In quantitative research, the reality exists in only one true form. The methodological approaches used in quantitative research are; experiments, observations, use of available secondary data as well as researches and surveys (Almalki, 2016). The experimental methodology is mostly used with key focus on testing the hypothesis. Testing the hypothesis entails finding the relationship between the causative factor and the overall effect of the variables in place. The quantitative research paradigm is easy to incorporate in researches as it is flexible in adopting to standard techniques. Additionally, as compared to qualitative research, it has higher generalizability (Rahi, 2017).

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