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Interview and Analysis on Maternal Depression Medicine Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the instruction was to schedule and conduct an interview with a woman who had given birth not longer than a year ago. The interview questions was to be prepared prior to the interview . The topic was maternal depression during pregnancy and post-natal. the second part of the assignment was to provide an analysis based on the woman's response and other sources.


Topic: Interview Assignment
Question: What were your feelings when you realised that you are pregnant?
I was about two weeks pregnant when I started feeling sickly; I was vomiting and had lost my appetite. When I went to the hospital, I was told that I am pregnant.
Question: What was the reaction from the people you shared the information with?
I was shocked! I never expected that I would get pregnant because I was on oral pills contraceptive. I must have missed ones or twice but it never occurred to me that I would be pregnant. Nonetheless, I calmed down and started planning my next move since I was still a student.
Question: Who did you share the news about your pregnancy with and what was their reaction?
First, I told my boyfriend, he was nice despite also a student. We moved in together and I continued with my classes. I did not tell any of my relatives. The friends were supportive all the time. However, I never shared much with them because I felt no one could understand since they had not been in the same situation.Question: At what point did you start attending the prenatal clinic?
I had to start immediately I got the positive results. The nurses said that it is always good to start the prenatal clinic early. I followed their advice and continued going for the prenatal clinic.
Question: What kind of support and counselling did you receive during the prenatal care?

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