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Mental Health Assessment Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Mental Health Assessment: Video Triggered in Class Assessment: Guided Short Answers


Mental Health Assessment: Video Triggered in Class Assessment: Guided Short Answers
Activity 1: Mental Status Examination
Marion is a female middle aged adult. She appears clean and well groomed, although slightly hurriedly put together. For her example, her hair is clean but in a messy bun and her shirt is not completely buttoned, though she is modest. Marion is overweight.
Marion maintains good eye contact throughout the session. She is cooperative throughout the session and offers responses to the questions asked even though there is some disorganised thinking. Marion maintains an upright posture throughout the session. However, she displays some nervous mannerisms such as interlocking her fingers on her lap and constantly rubbing her thumbs over each other or wringing her hands throughout the session. She also kept biting her lower lip and twisting her mouth. She used a lot of gestures during the session, when she was explaining a point. For example, when she was saying I feel like I have ants in my brain, she makes a crawling hand gesture. She makes several affirmative nod gestures with the head and places her hand over her heart when she says she is the rightful heir to the throne of England and the daughter of Prince Charles and Camilla. She also maintains an expressive facial expression when talking, that matches the content of what she is saying.
Marion describes her mood “am not really happy or sad either way”; that is a euthymic mood.
Marion has a broad affect.
Marion’s affect is elevated; she considers life to be wonderful, especially at the prospect of being recognised as royalty.

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