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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nursing (Coursework Sample)


briefly, the sample was to do a research on relationship between theory and human philosophy under nursing as a sense of actualization. The sample is about the articulate relationship in nursing theoretically based on human being, environs, health and philosophy.


Nursing is the study of a human being health and a process of healing through care. The word healing comes from health. Healing is a process of changing. Nursing focuses in the process of transforming and changing whole life of humans by ensuring the connectedness and commitment. Nursing as a science involves the research, theories and inventions concerning human life. Nursing as an art it involves the commitment and the exercising of care and proper relationship with the patients. Therefore, in the process of nursing there is the study of human philosophy theories involved and metaparadigms. These are concepts and practices in the professional career of nursing (Martha,2002).
Theories are part of the practice of care and healing, where they elucidate on the knowledge of various disciplines in the phenomenon. For instance, there is the theory of self-transcendence. This theory explains how aging is a factor that propels people towards self- boundaries so as to focus on the meaning of life. It enables individuals to integrate on their past present and future so as to connect it with realities of life. This theory accelerates the process of healing and therefore it was exercised and recommended as a guideline to the process of nursing. Consequently, some nurses have come up with paradigms. Paradigms are institution of sharing ideas, values, views and assumptions on various phenomenons discussing various sciences. Thus, whenever a paradigm discovery intimidates the logistic on other paradigm then there is a likelihood of a scientific revolution to take place.
There are two types of paradigms; simultaneity and the totality. In the theory of simultaneity paradigm, it exercises the perspective that there is no separation between environ and human beings. In other words,” human beings are whole, and they cannot be understood by breaking them down into parts”( Martha,2002). The theory of totality describes human being as spiritual and being bio-psycho-social. It explains that humans were always bound to adapt to environs they were subjected into and health is the only fluctuating factor. “The knowledge of nursing is in relation with the theories, which through research they keep on developing”(Martha, 2002). She criticizes the theory of middle range since it is a model not invented by a scholar nurse.
There are” three types of paradigms, Particulate-deterministic, interactive-integrative and unitary-transformative paradigms” (Newman and colleagues, 1991). Basing on the theories, the paradigm of particulate –determinant views human care and health can be understood through activities and understanding of various consequences associated to discover the relationship. The paradigm of interactive- integrative conceptualize the relationship as a probability of change in nature in terms of the way the phenomenon were studied. Finally, the relationship between human and environmental unity was characterized by self organization. This is according to the paradigm of unitary- transformation.
During the 20th century, articulation of relationship in nursing was based theoretically on four factors. These include human being, environs, health and nursing. This collection of factors can be referred to as metaparadigm, which is a Greek word, Meta meaning with and paradigm meaning pattern. These factors are highly central in nursing (Rick,2004).
Human beings
Human are unique creatures and have the ability to think creatively, reason aesthetically and hold self responsibility. Therefore, they are greater than the total sum of their body parts and cannot be analyzed according to their parts. Care and language are communications patterns, which enable diversification of knowledge on environment and self. Thus, humans were to be accorded respect and given the room to make decisions concerning their health. Consequently, nursing is a forum that changes continually with change in environment. Biological, cultural, spiritual and environmental dimensions are the demeanors that bring about the behavioral changes and affect the health in humans.
Environment is the variation of time and space in human day to day life. It involves the geographical terrain that human being live. Socio-environmental factors include cultures, politics, norms, ethical codes, beliefs, taboos and customs. In nursing environment is the field where human experience care, attention, mutual benefits and beauties were felt in the experience of proper health. Thus, in environment health may be affected by, politics cultural fluctuations, psychological traumas, historical events and economics drawbacks affecting the world socially.
Health is the perception of humans towards their lives. It involves the synthesis of how effective one feels toward his/her entire body system. Therefore, proper health is the feelings towards one’s realities and experiences as far as care and attention were concerned. Illness in health is a dysfunction or denial of satisfaction in terms of feelings. The solution of this is ensuring proper relationship between the nurse and the patient who requires care. The degree of human health defines the type of relationship grounded between human being and the environment. Hence, with proper health ...
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