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Renal Disease and Men’s Health Issues. Coursework. (Coursework Sample)


Topic 3
Mr. E.D. is a 63-year-old retired mail carrier who presents to his primary care provider for a routine follow up for his hypertension. He complains of a 4-day history of dysuria, increased urinary frequency, and nocturia. He states that he has been having fever and chills. Denies any recent sexual activity. On examination, his temperature is 99.5 F., pulse 75 and regular, respiratory rate 16 and unlabored, and blood pressure 135/85. He does not appear acutely ill and is in no apparent distress. Examination of the abdomen was normal. A digital rectal exam revealed a moderately enlarged, firm, non-tender prostate gland. He states that he has severe urgency and difficulty urinating.
What are some appropriate questions to ask the patient?
What are three differential diagnoses for the patient?
What physical examination would you perform?
What diagnostics would you include?
Create an evidenced-based plan of care. Include pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments.


Renal Disease and Men’s Health Issues
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Subjective Information
In the following case scenario, and as a health care provider, implementing questionnaires such as the “American Urological Symptom Index” will enable me to understand the relentlessness of symptoms observed and recorded by the patient (Barry et al., 2017). The questionnaire used should reveal a general score of moderate, mild, and severe. The questions to engage Mr E.D. will include asking the patient whether he had failed within the last one month to fully empty his bladder, to what frequency (within the last one month) has Mr. E.D been urinating within two hours intervals. Whether for the past month he has experienced weak urinal flow, in the past month how many times did they wake up at night to urinate, how often has urinary flow started and stopped in the previous month, and to what interval in the past has to stain with urination took place. Other questions include questioning when the chills, fever started, and whether the patient has taken any medication to relieve the colds and fevers. I would also obtain history revolving on trauma to the prostate and urethral regions.
Patient’s Diagnosis
* Prostatitis
* Urinary Tract Infection
* Benign Prostate Hyperplasia
* Unrelated etiologies such as neurogenic bladder

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