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Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Jeddah Branch-Project Management Report (Coursework Sample)


The task is about a project management report for Arabian Construction Company (ACC), jeddah suadi arabia branch of the company . the report was to follow the following format.
1. Title Page, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents
2. Problem Description
3. Objectives
4. Project Goals
5. Assumptions (if required)
6. Methodology (a) Mind Map ( b) WBS (c) Responsibility Matrix or LCR (d) Network Diagram - AOA/AON or AIB 1. CPM 2. PERT- Three Time Estimates (e) Gantt Chart (f) Resource Histograms (g) Cost Performance and Control (h) Any Additional items relevant to the problem
7. Conclusions
8. References and Appendices


Arabian Construction Company (ACC), Jeddah Branch-Project Management Report
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u List of Tables and Figures PAGEREF _Toc26333030 \h iExecutive Summary PAGEREF _Toc26333031 \h iiProblem Description PAGEREF _Toc26333032 \h 1Objectives PAGEREF _Toc26333033 \h 2Project Goals PAGEREF _Toc26333034 \h 2Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc26333036 \h 3Methodology PAGEREF _Toc26333037 \h 4Critical Path in Management (CPM) PAGEREF _Toc26333038 \h 4Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) PAGEREF _Toc26333040 \h 6PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) PAGEREF _Toc26333041 \h 8Gantt Chart PAGEREF _Toc26333043 \h 9Network Diagram - AOA/AON PAGEREF _Toc26333044 \h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc26333045 \h 12References PAGEREF _Toc26333046 \h 13
List of Tables and Figures
List of Tables
TOC \f T \h \z \t "Heading 3" \c Table 1: Project Goals with their timelines and predecessor PAGEREF _Toc26332116 \h 6
Table 2: Activity code indicating the most critical activities PAGEREF _Toc26332117 \h 9
Table 3: Determination of the mean and variance using PERT. PAGEREF _Toc26332118 \h 12
List of Figures
TOC \h \z \t "Heading 4" \c Figure 1: Gantt Chart for Three Bedroomed House in Al-Balad District in Jeddah PAGEREF _Toc26332249 \h 14
Figure 2: AON Diagram for a Three Bedroomed House in Al-Balad District in Jeddah PAGEREF _Toc26332250 \h 15
Executive Summary
Arabian Construction Company (ACC) was founded in 1967 in Lebanon and has grown branches all over Middle East and North Africa. In Saudi Arabia, ACC has a branch in Jeddah where the interview was done. ACC has specialized in prestigious infrastructural projects including building of luxury hotels, hospitals and other sophisticated buildings. Aside from complex structures, ACC Jeddah branch also takes up small construction projects such as building of domestic structures for clients. The interview was done following ACC’s project team construction of a three bedroomed house in Al-Balad district in Jeddah.
There are two major problems faced by project management team when handling any construction project. Developing a project activity schedule to facilitate proper project management, execution and estimation of resources is the first challenge that ACC project manager face when planning for the building project in Al-Balad. Secondly, it is quite challenging to determine most critical activities for the project and which should be given priority before commencement of construction.
Developing a project schedule is tricky especially if the right tools and technology are not used to provide solution. The right tools allow the project planners to generate required activities and analyses implication of many activity to the outcome of the project instead of just focusing on a single train of events. The report is therefore focused on project management methodologies that were used by ACC project management to overcome the challenges of project scheduling and determination of activities that are critical.
The goal for this project was to improve operational efficiency by improving labour productivity, predicting and minimizing avoidable errors once the project begins. The project methodologies used to achieve the goal and meet the project objective were Critical Path in Management (CPM), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Gantt Chart and AOA/AON.
Using Critical Path in Management (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), the project was estimated to take 44 days. The report recommends that costs of resources required for completion of activities should be included in project methodology instead of assuming them. Inclusion of cost would and other parameters that are assumed would result in more practical solutions to challenges faced in construction business.

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