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Balance Scorecard in Health Organizations. Management Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The paper is a management paper about Balance Scorecard in Health Organizations it is an APA paper


Balance Scorecard in Health Organizations
Thesis Statement
Balanced scorecards started becoming a popular strategic performance measurement and management from back in the year 1990s by Robert Kaplan and David Norton who came up with the idea. The Mainline companies during this time accepted balanced scorecards quickly, but many health care organizations were not quick enough to adapt them for use. Many problems affected the health care industry, including money for infrastructure, payment for employees which was limited and a lot of constraints were involved. Therefore, there was a need for evaluating performance and quality issues that required changes in how health care organizations, both private and public on how they manage their operations. This study will discuss balanced scorecards in general from the theoretical and technical perspective, and the reasons as to why it should be used in health care organizations.
This study will cover the matters involved with those who may be working in the health care sector who may want to explore more on how balanced scorecards are specifically applicable to hospitals and other health care organization. Finally, the study will adopt a case study of the development, implementation, and use of balance scorecards by a regional Midwestern health care system as a means of strategically evaluating the performance of employees in the given organization. The pros and cons aspects of the topic balanced scorecard will also be discussed.
According to the status of many health care organizations their management, they are under a lot of pressure to meet their financial goals. This industry is always faced with financial pressures from clients, insurers, and governments. Inflation in this industry is bigger than it is within the whole economy. 

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