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Signature Assignment: Employee Conduct, Termination, & Progressive Discipline (Coursework Sample)


The paper entails an understanding of Employee Conduct, Termination, & Progressive Discipline policies at fedex


Employee Conduct, Termination, & Progressive Discipline
Institutional Affiliation
Employee Conduct, Termination, & Progressive Discipline
Disciplinary Policy
In the Foster v. Federal Express Corporation, Avery Foster was terminated for falsifying an employee timecard. During his interview at Federal Express Corporation, Foster was informed that maintaining good conduct would guarantee his employment. In addition, he would be protected from “just cause” termination (“Foster v. Federal Express Corporation”, 2005). However, the court justified Foster’s termination ruling that the company’s employee handbook did not imply contract of guaranteed employment. Progressive discipline entails taking gradual and appropriate corrective measures towards an employee when conduct and performance issues arise. Therefore, progressive discipline would have been the most effective measure in Foster’s case, considering that he had worked with the company for a long time.
Progressive Discipline Policy
The first consideration in the application of this policy is the determination of the actions that it covers. Consequently, all issues regarding non-performance will be subject to it.
Examples of Performance and Conduct Issues Covered by the Policy
* Employee job attendance, punctuality, and absenteeism.
* The violation of protocols, regulations and procedures governing safety and compliance.
* Inappropriate and unprofessional behavior such as insults and solicitation.
* Misuse of company resources.
Illegal offenses under the law are not subject to progressive discipline. They include theft, substance abuse, physical abuse, and any other form of abuse (“Discipline and Dismissal”, n.d.). As such, employees are hereby warned that illegal conduct attracts immediate termination.
The progressive disciplinary policy determines the severity of the actions taken for the offense committed. The austerity of the actions taken will be commensurate with the seriousness of the offenses. The employee will be given several chances to rectify inappropriate behavior. Nevertheless, repeated offenses may result in the speeding up of the progressive discipline process and eventually lead to termination.

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