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The paper was about hotel management. Coursework. (Coursework Sample)


The paper was about hotel management questions APA format 10 pages


Hotel Management
You have been made the Manager of the restaurant at the hotel where you work. The restaurant was previously not managed well and profits have declined over the last year. The General Manager is relying on you to improve both the service and the profitability of the restaurant.
As the manager you will be responsible for food cost control. For the following, identify a cost control method and explain how each can help maximize profitability if managed correctly:
Cost Control Method for the Hotel
Standard yields: This can be defined as the general money put in and the money generated out by the business to manufacture or produce services to the customers without wastage of resources. It can also be defined as the return on investment.
Reduce inventory levels: In a business there is always that limit to which you can lower your inventory level. But when you enter in many restaurants you will definitely find that there is a lot of food on their shelves which they don’t need at the moment. If you want to have cost control in your restaurant then you need to evaluate products according to their needs and requirements to the restaurant and the exact amount you will need until the next delivery comes in.When you have enough inventory for the job then you will reduce excess waste and gabbage.In addition, you will likely see your employees doing a better job of portioning and handling your expensive products when there is no excessive to go to waste. (Guo., 2015).

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